Friday, 15 February 2008

Why am I doing this?

I have been living in the East End of London for three years now and I often marvel at the quality and diversity of the restaurants, cafes, and markets that are practically at my doorstep. In the many other cities I have lived in there were usually only one or two places that I enjoyed frequenting that were within a short walk from my apartment and I often found myself taking journeys to other neighbourhoods far afield. But living in Bethnal Green I rarely have to leave this little village within a city to find a wide variety of foods. So through this blog I hope to chronicle my gastronomic adventures within Bethnal Green, Shoreditch, Broadway Market, London Fields, Victoria Park, Dalston, Hoxton and other areas that are nearby. Hopefully this blog will prove to be a useful resource to those who live in and visit this vibrant community. If you have any suggestions for places I might not know about by all means leave a comment.

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